Clarissa and Kenneth

It was a fun and witty early wedding of October from my sister in-law’s niece. I’ve enjoyed the day even if it’s an early wedding with 4am preparation. What so nice about early wedding is, you can go home early because the wedding start at 9am. It can be hard to sleep early if you’re not use to it and it’s also dangerous to sleep in long hours because you might get late. Even if I only had a few hours of sleep, I was still able to arrive on time and able to finished taking pictures of the important items and group family portraits, especially the portraiture for each couple.

After an early delivery of the photos to the couples, they enjoyed it a lot. They open the box I gave to theme before they get home because they can’t wait to see all those memorable moments. How I know about it, because they sent an SMS to notify me about their happiness.

  • HMUA: Judie Gabato
  • Coordinator: Ken and Claire Villaflor
  • Videography: Story Pages Films
  • Designer: Brendon Cenon

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