Charity and Joseph

An unexpected and exciting wedding of my friend, Charity. I didn’t expect that she would be marrying a very lucky guy. I’ve known Charity since college because her cousin is a good friend of mine from grade school until high school.

Their wedding was fun because it was a civil wedding at the Municipality of Consolacion and they were seven couples got married at the same time. During the wedding, I made them position near me so I can take good photos.

During the post-wedding shoot, we only had a short session but fun and challenging because Circa 1900 is an overuse venue by lots of local photographers. What I did is to think outside the box and create a beautiful fine art photograph for my signature shot.

If you want to watch behind the scene of Charity and Joseph’s wedding, below is youtube vlog I recently uploaded. Warning though, my English is not good and if you hate listening bad grammar, skip the video and proceed to view all my photos.

Thanks for taking a time to visit my website! If your looking for a photographer for your wedding, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Wedding phographs of Charity and Joseph

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