Street of Cebu 2013

A collection of street photos taken in Cebu City. This is my set for 2013 and some of the photos taken are parts of my project 365. You may notice that all the photos are not taken and the same as other Cebu street photographers. Because I want to be different, I want viewers around the world what are other things that can be seen in the street aside from people that are selling fruits, street children, and people that are carrying heavy things that are in a wooden push cart. Those street photography where located at Cebu City, Carbon and Colon. And there are many of them that are in a group to capture a scene that make’s it having the same subjects and model. And as for me, I want to be different and I like to walk on my own in the street without any partners to bother or worry. I already know the street of where I shoot and I feel not in danger because I know the place. 🙂 Have fun, I hope more street photos that I can share in the future.

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