In this modern era in wedding industry, this awesome trend has been offered many times in Philippines. It was started by one of the famous wedding videographer and when it started to get lots of request by many clients, all wedding photo and video suppliers have also started to offer the service to everyone who is getting married. Yes! Many of the wedding suppliers have offered the service so the couples and guests will enjoy the moment that both newly-wed-couple have experience.

It’s an awesome feeling for the clients to see the result of their wedding photos and video on the day of their wedding. It’s an experience that they can keep forever and share online with friends and relatives who aren’t able to attend the wedding.

Same Day Edit is usually aired during the reception, arrange by the coordinator so all the guests will be able to see it while they are still on your big day.

And for the both of you cute couple, yes, you! If you want to experience the moment and see the result of your photos on the day of your wedding, book me now and I will give you the best experience of your wedding!