Ryo and Saki

Another Japanese Post-wedding and this one is different from the rest I’ve shot ever since. The couple knows how to speak English and the bride had her makeup by herself. The location of their Post-wedding was at Crimson Resort and Spa.

I really didn’t expect this one to be very hot photo-shoot because it was raining early in the morning and when I arrived at the resort, the sun just shine.

After the 2 hours shoot and ended at 1pm, I haven’t had my lunch yet. It was my first time to eat my lunch so late at 3pm, and when I got home, my hyper acidity was high and I got sick. It was one of my worst experience. At first, I was really having a high acid for a week, and when the shoot started, my hyper start to attack in the afternoon, and I also have a fever after that.

Lesson learn, it a must to bring my own food so that I can eat after the shoot. Check out the photos and enjoy!

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