Osmeña Peak

I’ve been having second thoughts in publishing an individual post of my adventure to Osmeña Peak in my portfolio. As I’ve finally decided, I had to make one because I’ve captured lots of photos of Osmeña Peak during my adventure. It’s supposed to be one portfolio post under Cebu’s Nature, but with all the photos taken during my adventure, it is really better to have a different one.

The photos are purely landscape shot using my ultra-wide prime lens. While I was there, excited, I wasn’t thinking of using another lens to capture beautiful composite photos of Osmeña Peak together with all other trekkers. I had one under my bag and I forgot to bring it along with me. I didn’t expect that I could see something beautiful that my lens can’t capture. So what I did there is just use something what I can see through my viewfinder and compose.

As I was keeping on shooting, I also realize that shooting landscape using prime-lens is really hard. What if you find something interesting and you can’t zoom? Yes, that moment will be lost. So I’ve come to an idea that I really need a zoom lens. I’m not sure when I can have but it will be in my list. I have to prioritize something important for my family and for the business.

For all the photographers who came to visit my site and open this post, I just want to share that most of my photos are shots in single image, the rest are HDR and Digital Blending. I had to use digital blending and HDR so I can really share something that can’t be seen in one blink of an eye, a scene that was shot in many different exposures.

Go and explore all my photos, everyone! And if you are planning to visit Osmeña Peak and need a trekker to guide you, contact me and I can refer you a friend. By the way, don’t forget to share this post for everyone to see how beautiful Osmeña Peak. Thanks!

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