Kawasan Falls

From a separate portfolio post of my Osmeña Peak landscape photography, I had to publish another portfolio post for Kawasan Falls. I had to because I’ve shot enough good scenery while I and the team headed to the main road to go home.

As you all may know, Kawasan is been one of tourist destination for so long. As a photographer, I keep on searching in Google if there’s someone have taken a photos of Kawasan in a different composition. So if the opportunity arrives, I will capture great images of Kawasan Falls and share with everyone to see another perspective and creative shots, not just the mail falls, but every nature going to the main falls.

And here it is, the best opportunity came, I had to ask an approval from my wife and take advantage of the adventure trek together with old and new friends. It’s been so long since I’ve planned to visit Kawasan just to take photos but I and the team had to take first an alternative route of the trek. Starting from Basak, Badian to Osmeña Peak and traverse to Kawasan Falls.

All photos were not properly composed because I had to hurry so I and my team might get luck to ride a bus but it was still a failure. Even if I didn’t have enough time to compose some photos for kawasan falls, I’m still happy to get some good photos to share.

I will be back there to properly take more good photos and upload it here in this post. Not sure when will that happen. If you want to get more updates, please follow my page to be notified and I’m sure that I won’t disappoint you. Thanks!

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