Julie and Mitch

An early wedding but not too early like 3am preparation. I and the team just had to go to the preparation at 7am as our early call time because the wedding ceremony starts at 1pm. We had to prepare everything on the day so we can take more photos for the SAME DAY EDIT (SDE).

In this wedding, I’ve known the groom already; we’ve studied in the same school. He is also a close friend from a friend of mine that was supposed to be his best-men but our friend was not approve by his girlfriend to become the groom’s best-men. I know what the reason is but I can’t talk about it here.

I am writing this article about how I am doing on the wedding of Julie and Mitch; well…. It was really great and I had fun as always. Editing photos for their SDE was doing great, and it also took me time to finish due to a very bright sunset in-front of me and it gave me a headache. I had to move the table so I can properly edit and present their Wedding SDE. Even I had changed my spot by covering myself in a shaded area, the sunset is still so bright.

After I present my work, the people love it, especially the couple. They were really excited to have their copy today. As I have promise to deliver it within 3-6 weeks, they will be having it by tonight, maybe. Hahahah! I’m sure the groom is going to get it after his work in the company he is working.

Enough typing war! Hahah! Go check their photos. 😉

  • HMUA: Pops Capul
  • Coordinator: Aireen Mansueto
  • Videography: SneakPeek Wedding Films

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