Cat, Don and Jordan turned 2!

Weee! Jordan is now 2 years old! This very cute little girl has grown so fast. Last year, she was so little and can barely walk on her own. And now she is 2, she can now properly walk, and even know how to sing! I’m so amaze how smart babies have become in this generation.

Every time I took photos of her while the parents are singing and dancing just to make her smile, at the back of my head, I always think of my son. And how will he be look like and able to do lots of things if he is grown-up.

In this session, I feel so happy and always smiling as how Jordan is enjoying in her little tent and toys. Every time I see something Jordan do with her toys and food, I always keep on remembering things that my son is also doing the same. Hahaha! Babies are so adorable and cute! Enjoy!

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