This portrait session is not a usual photo-shoot. It’s the first time that I really enjoyed it a lot because I’ve known Cris for almost 7 years. And ever since Cris started working in Manila for so long. There were lots of things to catch up on our personal life. It was also exciting coz it’s my first time seeing Cris with make-up and you can see by yourself that she look’s gorgeous.

Sharing stories with her was really memorable as we both enjoyed it a lot while taking photos. I didn’t expect to capture such genuine smile and the natural personality of Cris. And this is the kind of photo-shoot that I really love. I maybe like glamorous photos but this one is priceless! Nothing can beat natural smile and pose for a portrait photo.

And also check out below for my vlog and behind the scene of Cristita’s portrait session.

If you’re done watching my vlog or want to skip, just continue scrolling. If you have landed here from a friend’s share and looking for a wedding and portrait photographer, don’t hesitate to contact me here or at my mobile number 0932 955 1354.

  • HMUA: Liz Cinco

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