A wedding is something that every couples entering a new stage in life. To enter life in marriage is to test patience and relationship together with your spouse to be. Before getting in-to the new stage of life, capturing those wedding moments is something that you can treasure together as you grow old together. Every wedding I serve always start from wedding preparations to ceremony until the end of the event. As a wedding photo-journalist, let’s enjoy your wedding to the very end of the day and capture every crazy dance that you and your guest can show!

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Liza at 18


Turning 18 is something special for every girl that is about to enter woman-hood. It is the time to celebrate for the whole family to express their love on certain things about adult life. A time to start a new life little-by-little as everyone will enjoy and witness every moments that can be treasured. Celebrating the 18th birthday is not just about together with family, it is also to celebrate with friends and relatives that are close to your heart. And express every feeling that everybody have felt since they first met you and those crazy unforgettable moments.

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Fumiya and Saori - Cebu Wedding Photographer


A time to enjoy and a time to experience new things in life by spending time with your partner anywhere you want. Let me be there with you by capturing those precious moments whether it’s for post-wedding, honeymoon, maternity, and family portrait. And by the way, enjoying life is not just about for married people, single ladies and gents can also enjoy life together with friends or for yourself in a portrait session, whether it’s on a beach, city or on a mountain trek. Capturing those moments in digital and prints will last forever.

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