Madelaine and Ivan

This wedding is uniquely amazing and very special. I didn’t expect that this would be one of my best experienced.

When we had our meeting together with the rest of the suppliers, Circa Casa Dos was first to use as preparation for a wedding. The couple decided to use the place to fit in their theme. Every time I edit the photos, the location itself and the ambient light really gives good vibes. And the color is also lovely.

Not to forget to mention, I was also surprised that Ivan and Madel change their location for the wedding ceremony and I didn’t expect it would be at St. Pedro Calunsod Chapel located at Jakosalem street. The chapel was my wife’s dream that we get married in there, before, but it was only for the renewal of vows. And luckily, the chapel is now open for couples who want to get married. Madel and Ivan are the first couples to get married in the chapel with a very long ceremony and were treated as a special wedding by the priests.

The colors of the chapel are stunningly colorful and the interior is so lovely in the photos. The only thing that gives me a challenge in the chapel is the skin color, I had to use more effort in editing to achieve a very good color for the skin so it won’t look so blue or purple. I also added warm color to give a good feeling on it.

And for the reception, the program is different from the rest, it’s simple and elegant. The location was at Circa 1900 – Casa Dos. It was also very lovely in there and was the first time that it was used for a reception. Lights were everywhere as what the couples wanted. And what I love about the reception, it’s like shooting a wedding reception from a different country. Everything in it are warm and with a bit of adding warm color in the editing, it just makes me smile and feel happy.

They don’t even have the first dance! Funny? No. They just want to have a unique wedding to be different from the rest. If you check all the photos, it’s totally different from other wedding reception you encounter. For Madel and Ivan, their priority is to be simple, inviting guest inside the house and have wonderful moments with everyone.

If you may notice in this portfolio, it’s my first time to showcase more than one hundred photos in a single post and the longest write-up I’ve made.

One thing about this event, the couple doesn’t like very glamorous shots. They hired me because of my style so I did my best to give them the simplicity of what I usually do in every weddings and portrait. I want them to be by themselves and how they interact or touch each other. During portrait session of Madel, I always observe her actions so I can make her do it again to capture a couple of good photos. Same goes for their post-wedding photos, simple and fun.

To finish this write-up, enjoy browsing all the photos below. If you‘ve landed on this page from facebook or anywhere in social media in search of a wedding photographer. Don’t hesitate to inquire or contact me in tons number 0932 955 1354.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read!

  • HMUA: Liz Cinco
  • Coordinator: Darlene Bohol
  • Videography: Frederick Ruiz Sibya
  • Designer: Rachel Rama

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