About Me

Hi, I am Ritchie. Before I get to tell you about my field, I just want to introduce myself to you, my future clients. I don’t smoke or drink alcoholic drinks and especially drugs are a big NO, as well for majority of people.

I don’t drink coffee but I love ice blended green tea from Starbucks and also love to eat healthy delicious foods. I love watching marvel and dc movies, especially anime. I also read manga (comics) such as One Piece, Naruto, Seven Deadly Sins and other shonen manga.

And now to introduce my field of work; I am a designer with passion for art and have engaged in photography to become part of my life. Taking photos is been a wonderful journey since 2010. I’ve never expected to be this passionate and to be obsessing the wonderful life of my client’s memorable moments and my love for nature.

In this field of business, it’s really expensive and I started to get serious since 2014 so I can have another source of income for my family.

In photography, my style is a mixed of creative glamour for fine-art, photojournalism and the best part will depend on the client’s personality and let them be by themselves while I am taking photos.

You’re not going to read any awards or top 10 lists because what really matter is you’re in love with the craftsmanship that you see and ready to trust me entirely to do what I do. This trust will drive me to find the best creative experimentation and honest documentation of your memorable day.

Frequently Ask Questions

What tools or application do you use in editing your photos?
What DSLR brand are you using to take photos?
Do you do double bookings for weddings?
How about double bookings for birthdays?
Do we provide food for you during the wedding?
Will you provide enhanced images like what we see in your portfolios?
How fast can you deliver all photos?
Do you also shoot outside the country such as wedding, engagement session and post-nup?
Do you use soft-box and umbrellas in the wedding?
Are you a registered photographer in archdiocese of Cebu?
Does the projector and white screen included in your service?
What’s your mode of payment?