An unexpected plan from a friend of mine. I thought the photoshoot would be simple glamour but I didn’t expect that the shoot would turn out to be a boudoir outdoor. This was also my first time but even though it’s my first, I was able to do it right and capture a good composition for each image. So great to work with my friends the other photographer and the model for the shoot. It was fun shooting even if it was for just a short time.

Marilou outdoor portrait session Marilou outdoor portrait black and white Top perspective angle of Marilou in boudoir portrait session Boudoir portrait session and removing one bra-strap slowly of Marilou Marilou outdoor boudoir portrait session with green tone center position Marilou outdoor boudoir session with elegance On the tree-side outdoor boudoir session with Marilou Boudoir session of Marilou sitting at the center of the car Back-seat boudoir portrait session with purpole tone Green tone boudoir session of Marilou Marilou front-seat outdoor boudoir

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