With or Without Wedding SDE

Is it worth it or not? That is the question! To be precise, here are some advantages and disadvantages about Wedding SDE. I’m writing this article for everyone to know if it is worth it the money. And this applies to those who are on a tight budget or not.


The advantage of getting an SDE Highlights from a Photo and Video supplier is, you will get to see the output during your reception and be surprise with the quality of work. It can really give you a teary eye watching all those clips as your photographer and videographer captured every special moment for everyone to enjoy.


The disadvantage is the price, whither you are hiring an affordable or expensive supplier. Some suppliers really overprice the SDE if you are late in getting the service. For example, if they rate 5,000 pesos by availing it earlier; if not and you’re getting it during the day, the price will rise from 8,000 to 10,000 pesos.

Last three things, SDE’s worst enemy is  bad projector, outdoor reception that is held during noon time and SDE video are not color graded, or it’s what you call, color effect that would look like vintage or adding some black and white scene. What they mostly do is compiling clips per clips in every moment. That’s the best thing they can do to deliver it on time during reception. I’m not saying all suppliers do this, but many of them don’t color grade the video and still deliver a good compilation of each moments.

Without Wedding SDE

To proceed for the advantage of not availing an SDE; whither if you are on budget or not. Without having an SDE is really good. If the time of your wedding is early 2pm and the reception is on 6pm, you will have loads of post-wedding photos!

And because you didn’t also avail an SDE for the video, even if you’re on a budget or not, it would be better to have the 15-20 minutes of cinematic wedding story. Some video suppliers only provide SDE and RAW footages burn in DVD.

To be practical and way better to avail a video supplier if you’re on a budget or not, is to hire them only for your prenup and wedding and avail the package with Prenup Highlights, 30-60 seconds Save the Date, and 15-20 minutes of cinematic wedding story. If you want to have a copy of RAW footages, try to ask them if it’s free only if you provide an external hard drive.

Need disadvantage? I think it’s none. Why? Because the output of your SDE is just the same from without SDE or it could even be way better because it’s been fully color graded and the edited video is 15-20 minutes. Editing video and photo moments with loads of time from your supplier is way better.

And one best thing of not availing an SDE photo, you will get to see your edited photos the next day of your wedding or…. Within a week!! Yes, yes, some photographers really do edit the photos early so that they can make their bride and groom happy! Only a few of them do that and I’m one of them that always edit the photos the next day.


To finish this article, to avail or not for Wedding SDE is really up to you. I’m not also saying that SDE are truly impractical for wedding investments. Wedding SDE is also a good investment as long you have the money and know who to hire for a reasonable price. It’s always best to see the result and the moments captured on the day of your event and experience a teary eyes and laughing together with your relatives and friends while watching those funny moments in on-site presentation. In the end, it’s about being contented and happiness of having such wonderful wedding together with your partner.

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