Here’s Why You Should Trust Your Photographer’s Creativity

In the wedding industry, many of the bride clients always use pinterest as inspirations. They always like to search for inspiring wedding photos as reference before hiring to shoot their engagement session and wedding day.

My wife does it also, even when we were still engaged and even after we got married. She keeps on visiting pinterest for inspiration to make our wedding look awesome.

The general principle before hiring a photographer is to always separate inspirations into different categories: styling, flowers, photographer, videographer, invitation cards, etc.  Once you have set all the things you want in your wedding, please remember, to always trust your photographer’s work.

Don’t simply tell them to visit Pinterest to check for wedding inspirations.  After all, even in Pinterest, you can find different photography styles.  It would be confusing for them to understand what you truly want for your wedding day if you just tell them to check that website. Every photographer has his/her own unique approach in capturing moments and editing photos.

Think of which photography style best fits and captures the nature of your relationship and lifestyle. For example, as a couple, are you both shy, conservative, sweet, funny, adventurous, wild, or trendy? In photography, this typically translates to wedding photography styles which convey moods like melancholic, sweet, romantic, classic, retro, vibrant and fun, or serious. Does it make sense? So good luck and enjoy planning your wedding.

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