Aubrey and Feb

As the wedding getting near, two of my assistants have declined to work with me one by one. The first can’t join because no one will be able to take care of his daughter. And the second had a problem with his elder brother for making a bad scene at Bohol.

As I am out of trusted person to hire, I came to a final decision that I need to hire an old friend as my 2nd photographer and also to try all of his AF-D lenses. While we were working, I’ve tried the 105mm f2.8 macro lens in my D600 body and it was great, sharp and very shallow. I had a hard time focusing the wedding/engagement ring using manual focus hand-held. Yes, it was hand-held because I didn’t bring my tripod with me.

In this wedding, while exploring AF-D lenses of my friend, I also made something that was shared online. An effect that is so useful for fine-art photography. At first, I had a hard time exploring the kind of effect, as I keep on experimenting; it finally gave me the result that I need.

About the wedding, it was fun and I didn’t expect that I was even included in the SDE, yes, my face is in it. Laughing after I had a conversation with the bride and the bride’s mother. The short post-wedding was great, I had lots of time taking photos and I love the courtyard of Crown Regency Guadalupe, a very nice area for portrait photos. Continue scrolling down to check all the photos of Aubrey and Feb’s wedding. Thank you!

  • HMUA: Rhey Rousell Abella
  • Videography: Creative Clips Wedding Films

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