Agnes and Kharlo

I had enjoyed taking Agnes and Kharlo’s engagement photos. And now, they have tied the knot!

During the preparation, the wedding party had that calm, excited energy going on. Everyone was getting serious and quiet, quite the opposite of the giggly fun and cheer the same group had during the engagement session last February.

Despite the change of mood, I still enjoyed capturing their day because I had plenty of time.  Because there was no videographer, I had the undivided time and attention of the whole group. I was able to take lots of good photos of the groom. The bride, Agnes, was so cheerful during the shoot, always giving me those cute smiles that are so fun to capture.

There were déjà vu moments for me, too! On my own wedding last 2013, I remember how I was always smiling during the ceremony, just like Kharlo.

After the Ceremony, we went towards the back of the church to take some couple shots and the sun looked so nice. It may not be golden but still, it was a good light to capture portraits.

The reception program was good, still the same as usual. Still the same but… what makes their program exciting is the couple. This couple’s fun and cheerful personalities shone all throughout and it truly shaped the mood of their momentous day.

Please proceed on viewing all of the photos and enjoy!

  • HMUA: Dexa
  • Coordinator: Sarrah Jane

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