Agnes and Kharlo

Last week I had a great engagement photo-shoot of these couple. Elegant and glamour posing are so awkward for them. So I had to think something better like a regular common post to become a fun and enjoyment session. Letting them be by themselves and smile all the time. Serious face wasn’t really their best but if both laugh, something sweet and exciting photographic moments are best captured. And I love it.

Both couple is like kids, always laugh and make jokes. With their attitude, it’s always the best medicine to always look young and not to look old quickly. Why I was able to say that, because I’ve known some friends are a lot like them and I’m also one of them. I really don’t care if my family/relatives calling me “Walay buot”, all I care is that I won’t look old quickly and I enjoy life.

  • HMUA: Rizelle Kate

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